Organizations are so focused on the daily routine of business and implementing projects in time that they forget to include change as an element of their business strategy. Thus, they end up lagging behind when the environment changes rapidly.

Successful organizational change strategy includes analyzing the 5 disciplines of Planning for change, taking Leadership of change, Managing change, change Maintenance and finally change Portfolio Management.

Stakeholders like consumers, suppliers and employees are continuously evolving and the business architecture must support business strategy which consciously implements Big Change processes and Small Change projects to keep the organization aligned to the customer.

Architecting the Business for Change:

  1.      Working out ways to improve organizational agility.
  2.      Business strategy should incorporate changes in the marketplace.
  3.      The 5 disciplines of organizational change should be integrated into the business architecture.

The foundation of an organization with change at its core is maintenance of change. This ensures that the organization continues to focus on change.

Project Planning and Management teams must work with professionals from teams of leadership for Change and managing Change to effectively structure the organization for change.

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