Ten trends have been observed that will be dominant in the world of human resource management this year. Talent recruitment will increasingly make use of data warehousing sources. This includes utilizing massive chunks of Big Data. HR will be more about fostering relationships among employees and various stakeholders. Training programmes will seek to constantly upgrade skill sets of employees to cope with modern demands. Engaging employees fruitfully and building corporate culture will emerge as top priorities. Like customers, employees’ experience will also be given greater importance by HR managers. The entire journey of the employee from joining including the onboarding process will now seek to include well being measures. HR teams will also continue their efforts at humanizing business operations. Organizations such as Deloitte and Accenture have done away with performance reviews and these are set to be launched in reinvented avatars across the corporate world. With time some businesses will consolidate and dominate their sectors. HR will play crucial role in aligning the disparate operations into one efficient team.

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