The staff members in any organization ultimately need to get involved in the improvement of business processes. Some methods have been identified which are sure to boost employee engagement in this regard. Firstly, all improvements already implemented and those in the pipeline need to be communicated effectively to the employees. Adequate recognition needs to be paid to aspects that have already shown improvement. Constant corporate training around management disciplines is even more important now due to the influx of technology in all aspects. This work needs to be conducted with a dash of enjoyment added. Proper leadership needs to be exhibited by some members of existing staff. Collaboration is now more than just a buzzword and needs to be integrated so that information does not get confined to silos. To ensure this some companies have ensured a daily integration of tasks involving outcomes versus expectations, job descriptions and staff development programmes. Individual employees and teams need to be held accountable for the tasks assigned. All team members must be open to acknowledging that there is scope for improvements at all times. Finally, results of all employees are bound to improve if adequate incentives are added to the mix.


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