In the present business scenario, every detail is getting altered thanks to digitization. However, it has most affected the field of corporate training. Professionals and students alike are taking up courses through online media, creating a sense of unease among traditional trainers. Many fear for the future of classroom based training. However, the role of training and development will only rise as due to machines constantly altering the workspace, skills update for employees will be a constant challenge. Soft skills training for example will remain the preserve of only the best ones, while mediocre ones will depart the scene. The Internet of Things is further complicating matters with a complex web of smart tools. Companies are leveraging these technologies to reduce costs and eliminate redundancies. Knowledge Management Systems are being run using Over-The-Top (OTT) platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp and Twitter. Knowledge sharing is also being facilitated through webinars leveraging the compatibilities of Skype or Zoom. Research articles from the Harvard Business Review too are getting accessed much more freely.


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