Certain innovative methods of corporate training have been explored at various organizations. Four of them have been earmarked to be particularly successful which others must considering giving a shot. The first of them is titled ‘lunch and learns’ where trainees who return after conferences or seminars must share their key learning during the lunch hour. As this is done during lunch, the tone is very informal. Then there is ‘shadowing and cross-training’ which involves an employee of some department imparting training on his / her work to some representative from another wing. In this way there is mutual appreciation of the other’s work. A third such type is ‘public content’ where public meetings are held where innovative ideas are presented. This could be through book clubs, Ted Talks or relevant articles’ discussions. The final module is ‘mental health talks’. This is the sort of meet-up where some expert speaker will discuss about the group regarding the importance of sound mental health in an organization. The speaker will elaborate about ways in which the company can help individual employees to deal with such issues and how there must be no stigma attached to the same. Confidentiality will have to be assured.


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