A substantial portion of time and being is being invested by organizations across industries on corporate trainingprogrammes. Yet their role in enhancing business capabilities remains untested as few of them are actually evaluating. The Brandon Hall Group has conducted a thorough business analysis to provide us with five levels of such training and development activities. At the bottom is the Non-existent level, followed by Developing, then the Standardized one. The fourth level achieved by very few is Robust and right on top is Analytical. Some key findings have been collated post this study by the group. The need to measure learning mainly comes from the training wing itself so that it can be more fruitful the next time. Organizations aren’t able to measure ways in which informal or experiential learning are proving to be crucial. Basic metrics are being used to evaluate success of training programmes. This includes parameters such as ‘employee satisfaction surveys’, ‘completion of sources’ or ‘peer observations.’ Unfortunately few training programmes are evaluated for the ROI generated. This leads to training and development being on the back-burner as no business results are being generated.


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