The concept of Resource Based View (RBV) has been around for a while according the which, firms must be judged on the value they have added vis-à-vis the resources on hand. Thus business research was conducted to test this theory and it tested managers’ ability to be fungible across domains- finance, brand and human resources. For conduct the study the movie industry was taken and multiple cinema directors were put to the test. All these movies were created by top production houses, were released between 1996 and 2003, had more than a thousand scenes and had several producers. The business analysis used the regression tool and realized that experienced producers did best as opposed to rookies when they were working with established stars on lavish budgets. But while working on tighter budgets, the inexperienced producers did better as they were better at multi tasking. With experience gained, one tends to specialize in areas of skill and thus becomes weaker at bootstrapping.

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