While some leaders thrive on consistency, many others lose their way during the long, hard struggle called corporate life. As per business research conducted, five types of behavioral characteristics have been identified which can cause such fleeting but non-lasting success. Imposters are leaders who pretend to be so, yet do not have the requisite skills set. Their work involves ultra-aggression and mistrust. Rick Waggoner is an example of a leader gone astray by being too much of a rationalizer. Such people are quick to blame all external factors for failures. Glory seekers are those who seek adulation at the cost of the greater good and the cyclist Lance Armstrong is such a case. Loners are leaders who cannot work in groups and who do not heed to advise frommanagement consulting practitioners. Finally, shooting stars are such leaders who are so ambitious that they jump jobs too soon without learning the work and also cannot manage work-life balance.

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