China is flexing its economic power in every field and outbound tourism is no exception. As per market research,some trends clearly point out to China’s ever increasing impact in this field in spite of a recent economic crisis. The crisis has affected a large populace but not the top 5% of earners who are the primary target for trips towards destinations such as California or Phuket. China is also experiencing terrible environmental hazards, and those who can afford wish to escape the same to cleaner and safer locales. Beyond money, getting visas was tougher until recently, but now the visa regimes internationally favour Chinese travelers. Places such as USA, Canada, Guam, South Korea, Australia and parts of the EU region are prominent examples. Hong Kong and Macau are losing their appeal among the upwardly mobile Chinese mainlanders who now wish to travel beyond the confines. Finally, international travel now involves a lot of prestige value in China.

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