Date: 10th Feb 2010

Seminar by Dr William Hickey, Professor of Human Resources at California State University

Skyline has organized an International seminar on “Competitiveness and Cluster” at college premises. The Key Speaker was Dr William Hickey, Professor of Human Resources at California State University. The seminar focused on 
  • How to increase competitiveness of a country, 
  • Drivers of sustainability, 
  • sources of prosperity, 
  • Determinants of Productivity and Productivity Growth, 
  • Clusters and level of clusters, 
  • New phase of cluster development,
  • Role of cluster in economic development.
Skyline MBA Students attending Seminar on and Cluster
He advocated various aspects of clusters development and cluster evolution as below:
  • Research on clusters has made significant progress, developing a consistent conceptional framework over the last decade
  • Economic development practitioners increasingly look at the cluster concept as a promising new policy approach
  • Clusters are moving from being an experimental, innovative idea to the mainstream of research and policy
  • Cluster development has to use targeted approaches to mobilize clusters at different stages of their evolution
    • Strengthen clusters with existing economic activity and the willingness to act together
    • Unlock potential clusters in areas with beneficial business environments or activities in neighboring clusters
    • Upgrade the overall business environment to create the opportunity for entirely new clusters to emerge 
  • The total growth of an economy will always be driven by a combination of existing, emerging, and entirely new clusters
It was a very informative seminar especially for management students. The session concluded with healthy discussion on role of Cluster in Economic Development.  We look forward to many such knowledge enhancement seminars.
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