The trend of executive MBA has caught up so much that several online courses have sprung up to support the module. Business research has come up with ten of them which are the very best. Coursera of course has the maximum following. EdX is not far behind. Hello fearless has a ten week programme specially aimed at female entrepreneurs. HP LIFE which is an initiative of the technology giant- Hewlett Packard- in collaboration with UN bodies offers business and technology courses. is one suite ideal for online management training.NovoEd has a similar module to Coursera and edX, where it offers courses of partner universities. Open-Learn is an offering from the stables of the Open University (OU). Udacity is ideal for extremely niche level courses. Small Business Administration is an online open source tool aimed at startups and SMEs. Thrive15 and 2U are two of the other courses increasing in awareness and popularity.

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