Eleven people have been identified as trendsetters in the travel industry generating numerous tourism jobs and creating further avenues for travelers. Ruzwana Bashir has developed a digital suite at to explore unique travel packages and enable bookings along with other back end operations. The founder is an MBA with Fulbright scholarship. Robert Milk has founded NOVICA, which is an online, fair trade market place to promote art developed by local artists often working from home industries. Now nearly fifty thousand works of art get traded there. HarriKulovaara of Royal Caribbean cruises has initiated the construction of world’s largest, yet thrilling ships such as ‘Oasis of the Seas’ and ‘Allure of the Seas’. His smart-ship ‘Quantum of the Seas’ is fitted with an observation pod, virtual balconies and skydiving facilities. Number of tourism jobs have been generated by this. Using business analyticsADARA started by Layton Han, collects data and arranges for seat upgrade on flights. For the youth in the USA, bus travel seemed unfashionable until very recently when it has revamped thanks to the efforts of Dale Moser and his which enables travel on double decker buses fitted with state-of-the-art facilities. Chris Lopinto’s provides users with a virtual round-up on all inexpensive flights and the amenities expected. Zeke Adkins and Aaron Kirley have developed Luggage Forward which enables the transport of luggage across more than two hundred countries. Travis Kalanick has disrupted market dynamics by founding Uber which uses crowd-sourcing to organize cabs for travelers. Ed Kushins of Home Exchange has arranged for a website which helps travelers to seek rooms rented so they can reside locally at low prices. Geraldine Caplin of Hilton Worldwide has come up with this new tablet which allows travelers to check-in to hotels without the assistance of the reception counter. Even rooms at hotels worldwide can be unlocked using the smartphone or tablet post booking confirmation.

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