Businesses exist as part of society and thus at the end of the day are liable for community welfare. Every medium to large firm today must have this aspect firmly embedded in its corporate strategy. Social media has now provided firms with another channel to broadcast its depth towards community initiatives. Some methods exist to demonstrate the same. Community engagement must be done across platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. Community must feel a sense of empathy emanating from the firm in terms of shared joys and challenges. The sense of passion regarding the brand must come out in the digital marketing. Community members must be encouraged to interact among each other. Certain influencers of opinion must be identified with whom fruitful relationships are to be developed. Successes at community or regional level must be reported across platforms for people to know. The community must also get some joy or entertainment out of the firm’s social media content. Crucially, community members must get a feel that the firm cares for the welfare of the same.

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