The art of recruitment has been complicated due to digitization, yet the same also provides opportunities not available formerly. Certain procedures must be incorporated into the corporate strategy of the firm’s recruitment policy to get best possible results. As per business research conducted by Glassdoor, the average number of days to close a placement has doubled in just a few years. Thus patience is key. One must use aggregators like LinkedIn especially for management jobs. While posting is free, the paid subscription allows much faster and more efficient filtering. Recruitment advertisements need to be written more crisp these days especially as keywords have become crucial. As with digital marketing, similarly in the process of hiring, consistency must be maintained. So ‘management consulting’ must not veer to ‘managerial consulting’ as this small change will make it that much more difficult to identify right candidates. Finally, recruiter must be prepared to face plethora of applications as its far cheaper and easier to apply and take a chance than it used to be. There exists template formed responses which must then be sent to the applicants post quick filtration. 

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