Some apps exist with the primary motive of planning and improving travel experience. Even lots of tourism jobs are created as a result of these user friendly apps. Kayak helps to synchronize all emails related to flights, hotels and car rent services into one body called itinerary. SeatGuru helps travelers decide seats for themselves as detailed plane body maps are provided within. Airbnb provides basic bed and breakfast facilities from all price ranges. Tripadvisor is of course extremely well known as the ultimate peer review site for restaurants, hotels, destinations and bars. Uber helps travelers book and use cabs conveniently across countries and cities. Instead of using cabs, if one drives on one’s own, Waze provides crowd sourced maps to help traveler reach destination using easiest route on given day. Google translate is the most user friendly tool to translate languages where barriers exist. Instagram is of course a must have tool for photographs sharing and storage even. Postagram meanwhile follows the model of exclusive photography clubs. Pinterest allows users to pin events and post pictures, videos or other memories associated under the created tag.

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