While some have dubbed growth hacking as inbound marketing with a different nomenclature, it is actually a combination of business analytics and social metrics. Some of these techniques are being looked on with fear by traditional marketers. Growth hackers do not easily accept defeat and AirBnB is one perfect example of so. Initially they found it hard to integrate their operations with Craigslist but eventually they won over to reverse-engineer the process. Extensive business analytics is used by them and thus they get access to vast quantities of meaningful data. They do not look for expensive solutions but get the best out of existing core competencies. Growth hackers believe in experimenting perfectly exemplified by Yahoo CEO’s attempts to try impact on customers using fifty separate shades of blue colour before deciding upon corporate strategy. Best part about growth hackers is that while they are jack of all trades, they even master certain arts. They combine cutting edge niche business intelligence with broad managerial know-how. 

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