Post the Recession and the setting of the digital workspace, much has changed the advertising industry. Corporate strategy has altered to weave in the new patterns. Agencies are now dealing directly with media channels for ad spots using online tools such as Google’s ADX with giants such as P&G leading the race with close to three-fourths of their deals last year executed in automated version. Verizon’s takeover of AOL was mainly to acquire the ad-selling technology developed. Until very recently, this industry was working with traditional means like phone calls, fax messages or even hand written notes. But like the travel industry, this too has experienced a world of change. The concept of ‘programmatic’ has developed which insists on programming for advertising being done directly by the agency depending on availability of slots. Even in Canada, this change is evident with Clorox selling 60% of its ad space online. However, the risk of fraud exists as number of automated ad space providers fear frivolous products / services’ ads being directly placed. That is where these agencies need to be careful while dealing with clients. 

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