Some ways have been suggested by management consulting teams which help to curb poor decision making in businesses. The best option never exists and one must not sit on to wait for that ideal. Start executing with available information and don’t assume others possess better of it. In fact too much information can clutter mind against core functions. Also most recent information must not trump understood and tested knowledge. A good rest in between working is crucial for the brain to recharge. Confirmatory bias is most dangerous, instead an open mind helps. Trusting everyone is undesirable. Giving oneself a gift can be an effective way of bringing best out of oneself. The art of forecast can only improve through constant hit-and-trial. Munching of timely snack helps. The phobia of losing must not come in way of ambitious corporate strategy. Occasional streaks of success do not last forever. Meditation always aids sound decision making. Stereotyping can prove to be dangerous for all concerned. Occasionally one must try out third party advice and that is where business consulting comes to the fore. Self-introspection helps make ethical choices in business. Sometimes not making a decision is better than a bad one. Sometimes these options may sound different in a foreign language, so that may well be tried out. Existing state of mind may not last forever. Physical fitness is also crucial and the body reacts to panic or stress in ungainly manner. While business analyticsis important, one must never trust the numbers thoughtlessly. One must prioritize and take decisions on most crucial matters first to avoid ‘decision fatigue’. Also possible outcomes must be analyzed on a pre-mortem before things are executed. Finally, managers must understand that specific goals may not last the time, and broader policies are better executable.

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