Traditionally consulting and outsourcing have been seen as divides or approaches towards problem solving. Yet there are reasons why consulting firms need to work more closely with BPOs. Consultants need to solve problem, yet do no know where to look for them. Where better to start than a BPO. While consultants deliver value, often clients cannot gauge the tangible results which they understand better when outsourced. BPOs themselves require consultation while maintaining budgets. While BPOs create value, their staff members usually do not understand strategic requirements. Consultants need to understand that they are part of service industry which BPOs do. Times are changing so curriculum needs to be rewritten. Even the newer consultancies can project themselves as service providers without damaging brand value. There needs to be greater people-process-technology integration. In the long run, consultants are trusted more than outsourced entities, thus this integration will bring greater credibility to the world of BPOs.

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