Enterprise architects are amongst the best paid professionals and rank among top echelons in the IT industry. Yet their future roles are set to change. In sometime, they will be judged on the process of using data rather than just the end results. Big data, business intelligence and IoT (internet of Things) will all need to worry about the ethical dimensions as well. EA (Enterprise Architecture) is however a very disciplined field and that is something which will be valued even more in future. EA thus aggregates and compresses the vertical and horizontal relationships in a business. Algorithms will become even more integral part to the overall economy and they will need to be of even shorter time frame than at present. There will develop a complex yet comprehensive methodology to circumvent chaos and be able to predict matters more accurately. Thus we see that EAs will very much be integral part of the next era. Nomenclature may change to Enterprise Options Analysts, or Digital Transformation Specialists but the core product will remain similar.

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