While honesty is a very important trait for successful people, too much of it can lead one to trouble at the workplace. There are certain aspects one must never disclose about oneself in order to succeed at work. In case one is not happy with the work, it must never be admitted. Perception about others’ incompetence must never be openly revealed. Salaries must remain personal. Beliefs on religion or politics must never enter office discourse. Activities on Facebook must never involve office colleagues or clients. Sex life must remain strictly personal. In fact there must never be discussions on colleagues’ sexual habits or interests. One must never give the impression of coveting someone else’s work profile. It might add a tinge of glamour to harp about the wild side to their lives during college days, but this piece of news can do no favours at work space. Alcohol or other intoxications must be strictly outside work and not be discussed within office. Politically incorrect jokes may be commonplace among a peer group but can lead to major troubles at work. Finally if they wish to climb up the ladder of the firm, they must never ever give the impression of job hunting.

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