Our respective mothers are our first teachers in life. Even great business leaders possess traits handed down to them from infancy by their mothers and some of these traits proved central to their business successes. Some such lessons must be noted. An entrepreneur mentioned about his mother’s teachings on not looking back with ‘Ifs’ and ‘Buts’. Another learnt complete honesty. One other inculcated his mother’s philosophy of servicing people right on top. Another focused on the art of listening. Similarly, an entrepreneur developed resistance to criticism because of his mom’s teachings. Someone focused onvaluing core principles rather than peripherals. An entrepreneur got to things by always posing interesting queries. Another practiced the experimentation trait handed down by his mother. One entrepreneur credits his quest for the true purpose to his mother. Another forever puts his best shot. There is one entrepreneur who will always stick to her beliefs and values. Finally there is an entrepreneur who is less obsessed with power but more interested in developing business relationships.  

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