Going digital is becoming a critical part of corporate strategy. It is on most entrepreneurs and managers. They are some stage of thinking or implementing digital transformation of their organization. It is critical that you think of digital transformation in terms of strategy, selecting the architectural framework and execution in an integrated manner.

Think of digital transformation with a much broader perspective, that is, engulfing the entire business including enhancing customer experience, changing processes to reduce costs, simplify service management, optimizing operations and seeking business insight through analytics with the objective of gaining competitive advantage. Nicolas suggests that you should not think of digital transformation in terms of creating entirely new systems and processes, or try to reinvent the wheel, however, do not hesitate to change what is necessary. 

In this must read article, Nicholas Evans discusses six key steps to make your digital transformation journey a success. What more. He also displays a digital transformation model with the six key characteristics that can assist you in planning your digital transformation journey.

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