Business innovation is usually a buzzword for all positive changes, yet these same disruptions can destroy other firms. Failure to recognize market trends which can impact business is a common fault. Borders failed to see the rise of e-books and closed shop while Barnes & Noble continues to flourish. Some firms such as Blackberry fail to balance product portfolio. Blackberry ignored signals that consumers rather than business professionals will drive the smart-phone segment. Often a bigger firm can succeed by simply buying off a smaller one which offers breakthrough technology. Netflix survived the phase and now sits as chief market disruptor. While Nokia developed a smart phone decades ahead of time, it failed to recognize its own smart risk and instead lost market share once the same became mass market. Customers’ needs keep evolving and it is critical for the brand to recognize the same to tailor the products accordingly. The customer must be involved in advisory boards, ethnographic research, open platforms and social networks.

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