The world of industrial marketing is set for a major overhaul in the coming year. A business consultingthink-tank has come up with a list of trends that are set to define the year 2016. Digital marketing can no longer be identified as separate from conventional as the word digital in itself defines the entire gamut. More organizations dealing with the B2B segment are adding their focus to the oft ignored aspect of final customer experience. Marketing directed via product advocates is all set to grow further. The field of sales is getting better enabled through technological innovations to study the customer more carefully and make detailed observations to be further incorporated in the product. Mobile friendly marketing apps are getting created for delivering content and publicizing tradeshows. The concepts of podcasting, live shows and video shows are similarly showing massive growth levels with increased numbers of subscribers. Brands that are considered thought leaders are promulgating ideas using such concepts. Companies meanwhile are trying to find ways in which advertisements can appear more meaningful to people and to increase the click rate. Email marketing has often been thought of as something that belongs to the bygone era, yet it appears to be on something of a resurgence.

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