During the 1980s, American companies learnt a lot from Japanese business practices. Lean production and Kaizen were concepts which got well integrated. Indeed Toyota took over one of General Motors’ worst run plants in California and turned it into an operational success. These initiatives across industries were partly possible due to excellent talent management practices. It does not seem that right now any of these will work our primarily because the business schools aren’t churning out enough quality professionals in the field of human resources. Reasons cannot be explained but there are many possibilities for this low churn. Most MBA institutes do not have separate HR departments. In fact the field has got sub divided into so many smaller sections that professionals from sociology, psychology and labour economics do not seem to appreciate each others’ virtues or issues. Also innovations lag in the teaching of HR and not much technology has been integrated to the same. The State University of New York in Albany is amongst the new breed ones which is trying to bridge this gap but more such are needed.

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