The term ecotone in biology suggests an area which lies in the transition zone between two major ecosystems. These are amongst the biologically most diverse and richest hotspots leading to interactions between vast species of flora and fauna. In business, similar ecotones exist on the edges and it is here that several opportunities for growth exist. First of all is the space where customers and the organization come together. Several opportunities exist to either manipulate the other or to add genuine value. Then there are temporal transition zones between business seasons of relative slump. Finally, there is the use of tangible and intangible assets of an organization which go beyond the core work itself. The example of Toyota may be cited. The technology the company as using to conduct business analytics led to enormous data being delivered which the company soon realized could be leveraged by other firms also. This data the company sold to earn revenue but was also important for such clients such as municipalities in Japan monitoring traffic data with a view to reducing accidents.

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