All employees require feedback and bosses are expected to provide the same. In fact, feedback is among the best ways to project corporate training. Yet many employees fear receiving it prompting their senior to defer doing the same so that productivity does not instead backfire and curtail instead. In order to receive valuable feedback and more of it, employees need to be more receptive by soliciting for the same. Also they must demonstrate being thankful for the objective feedback received rather than being defensive over the same. Once feedback is received, employee must try to act on it so that processes get improved. The employee must objectively put oneself in the shoes of the seniors as only then will the realization set that the feedback is as a result of certain experiences to improve the work, not personal. Finally, employees must also understand that their bosses are as human as themselves and thus may err. They have pressures of their own and limited time or energy to spend long hours rectifying another’s work. Source:

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