Talent recruitment is now something that tech firms are competing for on war footing. This is especially true for startups. Some steps have been identified which will help bridge this gap. First of all, in today’s unique scenarios it is forms that more require top tech talent and not the other way round, so employees must be treated on par with rock stars. This includes the monetary part as startups need to be prepared for paying over the odds in order to attract people. This can be somewhat nullified by cultural points which may be leveraged that are better than more established firms. A results oriented culture with least restrictions on benefits such as vacations could be a start. Talent must be spotted before they wish to be in the job market. Recruitment is a constant process not periodic, so firms need to be on the vigil at all times. Once recruited, the job does not end as company must be on the lookout for possible better candidates. Especially in small markets, it is risky to poach from fellow startups as these entrepreneurs are part of the overall ecosystem, and hurting them will be bad for business morale.


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