The field of performance management has already experienced and is set to see more changes in the near future. Organizations such as Accenture and GE have already taken steps to replace the annual performance review. One segment of the workforce that is not gaining enough from these changes is freelancers. Business consulting provided by Deloitte has already confirmed that about a third of workers in the USA belong to this gig economy. Some steps have thus been identified which if properly followed will lead to greater engagement and motivation levels for agile talent. First of all, freelancers must be involved in the decision making process by at least sharing with them the context for which they are performing a certain task. Freelancers’ performances must not be reviewed in purely monetary terms such as cost, schedule and quality but also on soft factors such as cultural fit. Agile talent must also be encouraged to communicate before problems arise. The usual two-way feedback must be applied to them as well. Crucially, freelancers must be exposed to the right managers as only some have the capability of working with agile talent. Each time these people do something of genuine value by adding excellence, they must be rewarded through either tangible or soft means.


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