There exist difficult employees and there exist toxic ones. While the former cause difficulties at work, the latter cause great trouble to the entire team. They need to be handled with special care as a part of the talent management duties of the team head. In order to deal with them, first of all the head must speak to the person and try to understand what is the reason for this behaviour. It could be some dissatisfaction with work or some personal problems where the organization may be able to help out. The employee must be given specific feedback regarding the behaviour and provided with solutions to change for the better. If still no significant improvements are recorded, then the management must simply take the step of distancing the person from the rest of the team. However, under no circumstances must other team members be made aware of this interaction before the subject oneself comes to know of it. Sacking for this reason alone must be avoided unless due diligence has been done. While dealing with this situation, the manager must make sure this work is not impinging upon other pressing matters due to too much involvement.


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