Venture Capital (VC) investments were booming in the first and third quarters of 2015 but slowed down later on. This is partly due to the fact that a lot of companies received funding on the back of the startup ecosystem momentum which naturally got clamped down. There still exist a few pointers which must be considered by fund seekers before approaching venture capitalists. Business consulting publication Forbes discussed with Lowercase Capital such key pointers. Lowercase was among the early identifiers and investors at Uber, Stripe Twitter and Instagram. Lowercase’s heads Matt Mazzeo and Chris Sacca believe that since so much of work will henceforth be carried on together it is essential the two parties get to like each other. Also, the client must have worked abroad, spent some time in a frustrating job and taken part in team sports, as these fuel character among people. Even VCs need to develop a certain form of reputation and brand value to attract the best of potential clients.


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