Various business leaders have come together to provide us management training on ways to manage stress. First of all, any tension must be dealt head on as evading won’t help anyone. Occasionally during stress, one can adopt the strategy of retreating to some quiet place. A break may also help relieve the nerves. Sleep deprivation can be a source of stress so this must be avoided by getting ample amounts of it. Physical exercise is the best de-stressor. In addition, one can engage in sports or games. Constantly sitting next to the desk can be harmful for health as well as the mental side so on occasions one needs to move away. At the end of the day, employees must not fret too much regarding work and work must not overpower peace of mind. A balance has to be sought between work, life and the person. Planning ahead of time helps in coping with stress as there are fall back options pre-decided. All communication must be open and transparent as this also avoids conspiracy theories. It is important to set deadlines and stick to them. Once job done, move on.


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