Some leadership trends shaping the non-profit firms have been identified by noted publication Forbes. With greater levels of funding arising from established firms, for- profit strategies are being implemented by such firms in order to remain relevant by enhancing skill levels of employees. Nonprofit firms are taking a holistic approach to where they want to reach and how. Productivity tools such as Slack, Wunderlist, Evernote and Basecamp are being liberally used by these organizations. The leadership style adopted now involves coaching which seeks to build self-awareness among employees. This is a great for talent recruitment among younger people. Nonprofit organizations have realized that in the long run alongside angel funding, they will need to generate their own money through sustainable streams. A diverse pot of fund sources including donors, corporate grants and revenues needs to be built. The focus on leadership is now inclined towards cross-functional ones. Nonprofit leaders are now expected to understand social media management and tools such as Asana to manage programmes or Xero for finance.


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