An observation has chronicled nine bets practices followed by Google in order to set off business innovation. First of all it must be understood that innovations do not follow patterns but can emerge from anywhere. Ultimately for any innovation to work it must be relevant for the end user in some way. Innovations must aim at substantial growth not incremental. A ten time rather than percent enhancement. Before setting out to innovate, the developers must gleam business intelligence from authentic sources. It is better to launch products devised already rather than waiting for the final development which will disrupt existing patterns. The waiting time may prove costly with rivals swooping up the prizes. All companies must borrow the twenty-percent time principle from Google which encourages all its employees to spend a fifth of working time doing what they enjoy the most. Google all leads trends by being forever open to new ideas or people without waiting for formal lines to be cleared. Thus apps can be developed by external hires. While aiming at innovation, there will be failures along the way. Failures must be seen as learning method rather than de-motivation for the team. Most importantly, every organization must keep to its intrinsic values as only then can creativity flourish.


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