CEOs usually avoid talk of corporate culture and not without reason. First of all they fear that if any product or launch goes bad, people can be blamed under normal circumstances but if overarching emphasis is paid on culture, then the entire organization will bear the brunt. Also culture is not measurable as no reliable metrics exist. CEOs with a myopic view of constantly checking for revenues or profits will not have the holistic perspective to speak on such an intangible aspect. They do not have a similar vocabulary for it which they will have for sales. Some also get constrained by industrial age values which lay stress on tangible measures and feel such culture talk is not fashionable enough for a CEO. They fear to look weak in front of people. Some even get paranoid that such talk will let lose their control over the team. Many are also afraid that once they pave the way for such talk, employees will come up with all sorts of complaints and unnecessary feedback impinging productivity. Some CEOs are not aware that culture is a crucial aspect of talent management, but instead feel that is will be sticky topic which will open up wounds. They instead delegate this task to the HR department as they feel it’s their job alone.


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