It is increasingly being observed that a greater percentage of the workforce is suffering from work related stress, anxiety and disengagement. It is now up to team leaders to manage their colleagues’ stress levels. Corporate training and development is one way of increasing employees’ morale and productivity. Some ways have been identified to achieve this. Well known work practices must be modeled and then encourage to practice. Employee morale is contagious and thus market research firm Gallup has confirmed that productive employees were more likely to have similarly contented colleagues over a period of time. Organizations must create the platform for employees to socialize outside of the workspace. The human brain must be trained through well known practices in such a way that it can negotiate through chaos. Multi-tasking is non -existent. Instead employees must strive towards mono-tasking in order to improve focus. Companies must similarly encourage the lean periods to occur during the business cycle so that employees can rejuvenate themselves. No work will ever be successful unless empathy and compassion can be developed among the personnel. Such feelings allow collaboration in the organization.


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