Contrary to popular perception regarding millennials of being egotistical and self-centred, the generation is actually much more inclined towards social welfare and justice than thought so. Most of them claim to be activists of some sort and recent online campaigns or petitions clearly prove that there are issues that this generation feels strongly about. Social media is playing a crucial role influencing younger people in many ways to take up such causes. It is necessary that the person speaking up must have thorough knowledge about the project oneself to use this to educate the target audience. Social campaigns also require digital marketing and for this an appropriate communication message needs to be delivered. The audience connects best with people who have already worked on the field as they speak from personal experience that shows up during their communications. Projects which have mass appeal have greater chances of success and for this crowd sourcing can be applied to identify aspects which genuinely require people’s attention. Conversations using social media must not be one-time but instead pervasive over a period of time. Also it must be across multiple channels such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


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