There are times when organizations lose patience with the performances or personalities of certain employees to the extent that they even consider the option of sacking. Each time such thoughts arise, companies must instead consider that things could be much worse as several incidents have been reported. At an Apple store in Australia, four male staff members have been fired following them stealing photos of customers and then even shared those with some ring. At a company in China, a male boss has made a rule that all female staff are to kiss him first thing in the working day. A media executive has filed a lawsuit against Yahoo CEO claiming he was sacked because of his gender. A T-Mobile employee in Texas stole mobile phones with a combined price tag of around US$ seven thousand. In New Mexico, an employee embezzled funds and assets worth over US$ 29,000. After reading all this it becomes clear, that the non –performing or irritating employee isn’t that bad after all and a bit of corporate training or personal mentorship can clear the problems.



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