A lot of organizations have belatedly realized that they had focused far too much on marketing when instead they could have gauged such vital business intelligence about the market simply by speaking to their own customers. Social media provides a platform for engaging with the audience in a meaningful way. Certain questions have been identified by an online publication which must be posed to customers. First of all, the marketers must realize where to find such customers and how best to reach out to them. Next up, feedback must be taken on their satisfaction levels regarding new product onboarding. Their native language must be understood so that meaningful phrases can be eked out of conversations. The ‘Whys’ must be posed such as reasons for selecting the brand, for not choosing another or why some friend was referred to. Their wants and needs must be chronicled. Their reasons for quitting on the brand must also be understood. The customers must be involved in some processes through feedback or even design. A very good medium for digital marketing is content and if this can be shared by the existing customer base, brand awareness will spread far productively.



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