In the face of immense churn in business and the general state of society where personal insults are exchanged between top leaders, it will not be unnatural for business leaders to adopt a pessimistic stance. Yet the best ones will be tough-minded optimists. They are the ones who chase their goals with efficiency, yet maintain an aura of optimism around which invigorates all around. Four questions have been tabulated which discuss the very heart of such optimistic yet business-minded approach. First of all is whether the organization has metrics defined to measure success that will inspire others as well. Secondly, it is important for departmental leaders to be competitive yet maintain a human side when dealing with customers. While a lot of professions put emphasis on business innovation, few manage to consistently deliver on them. There remains little point of generating an idea if it is not properly executed. Finally, a key point is about the company history. Organizations often brag about their history and celebrate jubilees to mark the same, yet the best of leaders need to extract points out of such which will best help motivate team members.



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