Businesses could have continued flourishing in spite of a hard-line sales orientation. That is no longer the case as customers want personalized attention. Companies can no longer escape the real feedback of the market thanks to social media and instant gratification or fall due to the same. A management publication has recently published a list of five traits which companies must have in order to project a positive corporate strategy. Its mission and vision statements must be inspirational in content. Its marketing strategy needs to be based around a proper segmentation so that the right people are targeted. Customers and employees must feel a certain value has been delivered to them by the organization. No organization must be satiated with the current condition but must instead prepare for future contingencies. Plans must be afoot on how to deal with possible business disruptions. Importantly, the leadership at the organization must be geared up to develop and further leverage a competitive advantage unique to the firm. Due diligence needs to be conducted on developing the strategy part before plunging headlong into the nitty-gritty of tactics.



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