A study conducted recently has highlighted eight technology based megatrends that have already started causing upheaval in business processes. The first one of them is Artificial Intelligence (AI) whose imprints- speech recognition, language translation, visual perception and decision making are tasks where business analytics is being leveraged to help people with. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are already breaking download records as evidenced by the AR fuelled Pokémon Go. In upcoming times, the more revolutionary VR may cause further disruptions. Blockchain is a methodology derived from Bitcoin and is being used increasingly for simplifying banking operations, as confirmed by the World Economic Forum. Unmanned aerial vehicles have now left the premises of science fiction but have entered the real life using drones which use IoT technology. Robots are increasingly being used to quicken tasks while reducing costs. While intellectual property theft can eventually be an issue, 3D printing as of now is growing into a reliable business opportunity.


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