A maxim usually uncontested is that the workplace was designed by men for their own advancement leaving little space for women and their unique emotions. Studies have confirmed that women place organizational values, the work- life balance and integration to their daily lives as most important. Men on the other hand work for a better future, care less for values but more for the monetary rewards or the stick of fear. What is interesting to note is that unfortunately for women, the majority of them entered the workforce at a time when work started getting much more strenuous and stressful. That was the late 1980s when business innovations meant that work could be carried out twenty four into seven. This was in stark contrast to the 1950s when men could leave their homes at a more comfortable time, travel for work was limited they could come back at stable hours in the evening to even spend quality time with family members. Women, missed out working during this period which would have been ideal for them, enabling them to balance between work pressures and household chores. Millennials from both the genders have shown early signs that they want a return to the earlier, more laidback times.



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