Business consulting giant PwC has provided us a list of ten principles that are ideal to hook customers with some brand or product. First of all, the marketer must know the customer base in detailed manner. All realistic possibilities must be charted so that they may be used at some stage or other. The customer strategy must be integrated with the overall brand image or perception about the firm. Post proper segmentation exercise, only those customers must be targeted who have a genuine need, thus there is a realistic chance of them purchasing the offering. Customers must not be perceived as one time sales, but as assets who will help the company grow over period of time. In present times, the customer must not feel any hindrance to using the brand services from across channels. For that the multi-channel integration has to be smooth. Whatever the commitment, the delivery has to at least match that or ideally, even exceed. The company does not exist in a vacuum but as part of an ecosystem involving suppliers, vendors, distributors, institutional partners, government agencies and industry associations. Rather than maintaining distance, these groups must be embraced and their values even leveraged for benefits. All business decisions or changes have to be made keeping the customer in mind. It must not be forgotten that whatever the customer acquisition and retention strategy, it has to be matched with the company culture as well.



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