Professional development of present day employees through corporate training programmes is a major challenge for organizations. So seven ways have been identified which can help in achieving those goals. First of all developing a sense of purpose behind the work is necessary so employees feel motivated. A growth mindset needs to be inculcated among employees as only then will they feel the urge to take the extra step as a matter of mutual benefit between themselves and their organizations. Constant learning opportunities must be provided to them so they can grow along with work. An Executive MBA could be one such arena. Talent managers must draw career paths for advancement of the employee so that the latter get some control over their own progress, now better mapped. Employees tend to respond better to switching between work profiles as that allows them to develop cross- functionality. Modern employees also prefer a sense of autonomy in their work, freed from the shackles of rigid hierarchical structures. Companies must also incentivize growth and development. A better trained employee is better for the organization especially in times of digital disruption.


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