The career dream used to comprise of a full-time stable job so that company benefits can be availed and there is ample financial security. Yet the world has moved on from the jobs-oriented to the gig economy. People with specialized skills now no longer feel the need to work full-time under one umbrella but may pick up projects with several organizations. Benefits can also be availed as individuals with government schemes thriving. There have been some winners and also some losers of this purge. People with specific skills or expertise, or those with an entrepreneurial mindset and ability are doing well as they can leverage modern business innovations. Also those in the service sector’s low spectrum wage jobs can look for opportunities with the likes of Uber, Task Rabbit or Post-mates. Such jobs have low pay, but under the gig economy, such workers have greater control over their lives. Also among gainers include stay-at-home-parents, elderly, students, retired people or those with physical deformities.



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