At knowledge- intensive organization, talent recruitment was always a challenge. In the digital age though, this problem has compounded thanks to constant changes both in the market place as well as among skills required by professionals. Three methods have been identified post a study conducted by research agency Robert Half in Australia. It has been noticed that millennials once satisfied tend to act as brand advocates and attract the best of others to the same firm. This sort of branding has to be developed in order to attract employee referrals. HR managers must acquaint themselves with business analytics and automation technologies. These will help managers track ever evolving satisfaction levels, the feedback loop, employee expectations and engagement level fluctuations. Finally, recruitment professionals must leverage online business service marketplaces which offer specialized services. This includes the likes of Upwork and Freelancer. These tools are especially useful for SMBs which have been noticed to be able to recruit five times faster with a fourth less cost than traditional means.


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