Human beings on average are living much longer lives than they used to even a single generation back. This is especially true for the developed world but increasingly also for developing ones. This trend has major implications for the work life, individuals as well as for organizations. For individuals it means that productive assets such as knowledge, skills and reputation keep need to be upgraded. A one-time education may be less relevant but an Executive MBA could provide them with continuous learning. An increase in openness towards newer streams is vital as is maintenance of friendships, love, health and relationships. For companies, this could be a great opportunity to engage with couples as that builds greater loyalty. A lot of female leadership gets lost during the early thirties due to pressures of parenthood, but now with longer lifespan and thus related longer career, thus few years lost seem somewhat insignificant. Cross-cultural corporate training can be built by multinational firms at an even later date due to greater flexibility. Alternative career paths could now be fomented rather than the traditional ladder approach.



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