The Delhi National Capital Region (NCR) has become the hub of economic, social, political and media activities in India. The Education system has naturally centred around the growth of other sectors. We can now witness a spurt in the institutes offering MBA in Delhi NCR. What are the advantages to do an MBA in Delhi NCR? – An MBA student needs industry interaction. This region offers one of the best corporate houses and industry bases to enable this interaction. MBA institutes offer field visits to companies as well as factories. They get the opportunity to learn first-hand about aspects such as operations, finance, marketing, HR etc. – Placements: MBA students benefit from the presence of a huge corporate base as potential recruiters. Most corporate houses are looking to hire MBA graduates from Delhi NCR. The feedback from industry is that MBA graduates from this region have been exposed to more diverse opportunities. – Faculty: Teaching staff often work part time with corporate houses and prefer to be located near these places. To attract the best teaching talent (IIM, ISB graduates), Delhi NCR offers the best possible pool of talent. What else does Delhi offer to an MBA student? – Delhi is a cultural capital. For any student interested in fine arts, classical music, folk dance etc. this city provides ample opportunities – For youngsters looking to have a good time, Delhi NCR offers a great night life. Many eating joints, lounges, shopping malls, movie theatres keep the student community entertained. Skyline College has been providing an MBA degree in Delhi NCR for the last 16 years. Thousands of students have chosen Skyline for its high quality education. For more information on Skyline College and why you should consider an MBA from this esteemed institute click here. For details on the BBA programme click here

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